There is a story in every family


What is Storytelling Family Photography?


Instead of photo shoots that are staged and feel unnatural - I offer an alternative: storytelling family photography sessions.

My family photography sessions allow you and your family to be your true selves in your own home, on your own time. Nothing is choreographed, and there are no forced "cheese" smiles. My promise to you is that your session will be hassle-free, stress-free, and no drama.


The goal of all my sessions is to create a unique "story of you". No two sessions are alike. My storytelling sessions are designed to create an artistic rendering of your real life by celebrating the normal everyday "rituals" and routines you have as a family. Whether it is making pancakes every Saturday with Mom, shooting hoops in the driveway with Dad, or the evening bath-time/reading/bedtime routine - these are the everyday moments that define childhood and are worth preserving. These true moments tell your unique story.


The story of your family is about the nuanced moments that you may not even realize are happening. They are the funny, quirky, little things that make your kids who they are in this moment. These moments are often the making of the stories that get passed on. One day your kids will stop doing them, and they deserve to be captured. Your kids only get one childhood. Give yourself and your kids the gift of having a record of what it looked like to be loved, to be cared for, and to be cherished.


Portfolio and Rates


FAMILY Gallery

Take a look at some of the stories created for families throughout the Washington, DC metro area.


Birth Gallery

Take a look at some of the birth stories created for families in various birth settings.


Info and Rates

Learn more about family and birth photography sessions, current rates, and check out a behind the scenes video.

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