A Family's Last Day in DC


I met Mom at my crossfit gym a few years back. While we had both stopped doing crossfit, she got in touch to ask if I would help document a special day for her.

Her husband has been posted to an overseas job that was an amazing career opportunity, but it's in a part of the world where he cant bring his family. She and her daughter were moving "back" home to live near family so she would not have to single parent without backup.

She wanted to document their life here in DC to remember what life was like. It just so happened that our schedules only jived on their very last morning, on their last day before they flew across the country to start a new adventure.

If there was ever a family that epitomized the essence of what storytelling family photography is all about - this was the photo session. This is why I do what I do.

Julia may not remember her life in Washington, DC, but she will have images that will tell the story for her.

Emily Weiss