Pop-Up for Dog Rescue


Our family believes in dog rescue - as every single dog that has entered our lives has been a rescue pup. And becasue I believe in giving back I, along with my whole family as my assistants, plus a host of other volunteers - set up a holiday Pop-Up photobooth with Santa to benefit rescue groups. You don’t even need a fur baby to get your photo taken - make a donation and we’ll take a photo.

It is a lot of work, but I just love how hilarious and beautiful some of the images turn out. Some dogs are excited, some petrified, and every now and again we get a family where it is the classic Holiday photo with Santa gone amuck.

As much work as it is for me, honestly it is Santa who is the real hero. By the end of the event he is covered in dog hair, has had to dodge quite a few “accidents” and been nipped at one or twice. But he loves to do it so much he bought his Santa suit just for this purpose. That’s dedication.

Here is a collection of my favorites from over the years.

Emily Weiss