Prints, Art Books, and other ways to print your photos

I cant see my photos because I didn’t update my subscription, my hard drive died, and Instagram imploded.
— said no one who printed thier photos

Cloud storage, hard drives, and Social Media. Which one of these things will be still operating and/or accessible in five or ten years?

You know what has still remained current and viewable for over 100 years…..


Whether you print with me or print on your own, please PLEASE print your photos. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will thank you.

I offer several ways to have your family storytelling session printed.

Wall Prints

We offer a unique and modern wall option - Metal Prints. Our Metal Prints are made from 100% recyclable aluminum. They are waterproof, UV resistant, and durable to withstand tiny fingerprints. They also do not require any additional framing. With a convenient float back they are also easy to hang to create an instant stunning wall collage.


Art Books

Have the story of your family laid out in a beautiful art book that will be a great addition to any coffee table. My Art Books are a classic 10x10 or 10x8 30 page hardcover book. Each book is digenged with a simple one photo per page design that allows your family story to unfold. The fusion cover combines an image from your session and gorgeous linen or silk fabric.

A 5x5 clone is available with the purchase of a larger book - which makes the perfect grandparent gift.


Matted Folios

Looks like a book, but displays like a small frame. Folios are a timeless keepsake for your desk, mantel or bookcase. They also make the perfect gift for the grandparents.

Emily Weiss