Why the Radio Silence?

It's been super quiet over here at Emily Weiss Photography. I've been on a bit of a hiatus. At the beginning of 2018, I enrolled in a documentary filmmaking class at GWU. The program crammed 3 years of film school into 6 months - and the answer is YES, it was super intense. So intense that I needed another few months to reconnect with family and figure what is next. I learned a lot about storytelling and the process and dedication it takes to bring even the simplest of stories to life. The grande finale of the program is that you along with your team, create a documentary short film. So far we have had a few showings at local film festivals and have done OK considering it was our first real foray into filmmaking.

As the co-producer on the project, and as a photographer I took on making production stills for our film.

Below are some images I made to help promote our project.

Emily Weiss